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Table Of Contents

    Technologies used: WordPress, HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap

    Creating your own blog is a great way to share your knowledge with other people and it also has the potential of becoming a product or online course.

    In the Become A WordPress Pro series, I will be showing you how you can create your own blog using WordPress, regardless of your experience level, each step of the way.

    We will be looking at the following in the series:

    • How to Choose a Niche & Do Research For Your WordPress Blog
    • How to Plan & Outline Content For Your WordPress Blog
    • How to Choose Promotion Channels For Your WordPress Blog
    • Choosing Between &
    • Getting Familiar With The WordPress User Interface
    • Installing & Configuring The Essential WordPress Plugins
    • The Anatomy Of A WordPress Theme & How To Choose One
    • Monetizing Your Blog Using Google AdSense & InfoLinks
    • Useful Resources When Running A WordPress Blog

    Bronson Dunbar

    I'm a WordPress fanatic, a fan of React & AWS and a Sass magician! I also enjoy capturing moments through the lens of my Canon

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