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Button component for React using some CSS styles from Bootstrap as well as custom CSS styles.


Install and save component as a dependency

npm install --save library-button-component

Import component into your app

import Button from 'library-button-component'

Create and assign button states with empty values

constructor(props) {

    this.state = {
        buttonAction: '',
        buttonCode: '',
        buttonText: ''

Create the function that will handle mouse click events

handleButtonClick(event) {
    this.setState ({
        buttonAction: 'Click'

Create the function that will handle mouse hover enter and exit events

handleButtonHoverOver(event) {
    this.setState ({
        buttonAction: 'Hover',
        buttonCode: event.target.innerHTML,
        buttonText: event.target.textContent

    event.target.innerHTML = "Hovering..."

handleButtonHoverExit(event) {
    event.target.innerHTML = this.state.buttonCode;

Render the component with the functions we created as well as any other props that are needed

render () {
    return (
          handleButtonHoverExit={this.handleButtonHoverExit.bind(this)} />

Prop Values
buttonCategory default, primary, success, danger, info
buttonSize large
buttonText String
buttonSymbol * Font Awesome class
handleButtonClick handleClick function
handleButtonHoverOver handleHoverOver function
handleButtonHoverExit handleHoverExit function

* Font Awesome needs to included in project for symbols to display

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