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    Technologies used: Next.js, Node, GraphQL, graphcms, Netlify

    This project was a spontaneous result of using something I’ve started doing in recent years, book reviews, along with technology I discovered and started using, Next.js and graphCMS.

    From experience, I know it can be difficult to find your next book to read, even more so if want to learn something specific.

    I have also tried to incorporate something you find in courses called a learning path into this project, where you can find what to read next after a certain book providing you with a reading path.

    With this project, I am trying to share what I read and help others discover new and exciting books to read.

    You can view it here.

    Bronson Dunbar

    I'm a WordPress fanatic, a fan of React & AWS and a Sass magician! I also enjoy capturing moments through the lens of my Canon

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